Teatro en el Jardín...

La obra Bappet´s Circus de la Compañía Buenos Aires Players nos visitó.

Compartimos una historia sobre u payaso ...


Visita de CILSA O.N.G. por la inclusión

Nos visitaron el Lic. Hernán y Enrique representantes de CILSA.
Compartimos una charla informativa con los alumnos de ...


No more memorizing!

No more memorizing!

Learning infinitive, simple past and past participle through games!

We made our own board ...

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Open Class - Kinder 5 | 05-06-2018

In our open class we talked, dramatised, answered questions and much more!

We talked about food.

Do you like? Yes, I do - No, I don't

We roleplayed situations at the greengrocer's

We played Tic-tac-Toe about shapes in groups.

And using the screen we played an interactive Memo-test

We are learning a lot!

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